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Donato Lovreglio: LA TRAVIATA FANTASY for Clarinet and Orchestra (arr. Pfeffer)

169,90 € Standardpreis
149,90 €Sonderpreis
    • Edited and orchestrated by Nicolai Pfeffer

    • Complete performance set consisting of full score, solo clarinet, wind parts, percussion, string parts (
    • Languages of text: German, English

    • Duration: 12 minutes

    • Orchestral scoring: 1.Picc.2.0.2. – – Perc(3) – Str 

    • Score: 40 pages, 22,8 x 30,4 cm (saddle stich)

    • Orchestral Parts: 22,8 x 30,4 cm (saddle stich)

  • Donato Lovreglio’s (1841-1907) Fantasia on Verdi’s “La Traviata” has both enjoyed great popularity with audiences world-over and firmly established itself within the clarinet repertoire. This enchanting blend of the opera’s most popular melodies, paired with nuanced transposition highlighting the tremendous virtuosity and flexibility of the clarinet, brings a brilliant, dramatic character to the concert hall. This arrangement of the Fantasia for clarinet and orchestra offers a valuable scholarly addition to the Italian solo repertoire for the clarinet while winning audiences over with an extremely vibrant orchestration appropriate for Verdi’s lust, gorgeous style. The solo voice is rooted in the composition’s first edition, published by Ricordi in 1865.

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