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Colors, nuance and passion

"Featuring the Brahms Sonatas, Op. 120, as well as the Four Piano Pieces, Op. 119, Pfeffer and Wahl’s performance engages the listener from beginning to end. Written by Pfeffer, Wahl and Michael Bryant, the album program notes lend great insight to the passion and history behind these masterworks.Throughout the sonatas, Pfeffer and Wahl’s spirited performance presents great contrast in dynamics, colors, nuance and passion. Pfeffer negotiates wide leaps with great ease, elegance and control and Wahl proves a master collaborator, always perfectly balanced with the clarinet. The liner notes state of the Four Piano Pieces, Op. 119, “Placed between the two monumental sonatas which are formed through intense dialogues, the monologic piano intermezzi offer the listener a breather for introspection.” Wahl’s performance of these pieces is elegant and charming, providing great contrast to the clarinet sonatas."

Pfeffer and Wahl’s passionate performance of the Brahms Sonatas and Piano Pieces is a must have for your library.

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